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Planning A Local Move

When you’re planning a local move, experts advise that it is best to start as early as possible and get organized.

moving boxes
Designate a place for packed and stacked boxes to keep them out of the way. Photo by Lars Plougmann, Flickr.
  1. Start about two months ahead of time. This is a good time to get moving estimates, even if you don’t have a move-in date in mind. You’ll want to choose your moving company at least four weeks ahead of moving day. Keep in mind that dates fill up fast during the busy spring and summer moving season.
  2. Get estimates from three local movers. Of course, we think you’ve made the right choice by coming to Quality Moving Service, but for your own peace of mind, ask around. Compare what each company has to offer. Are they fully licensed and insured? Are they upfront with their pricing? Are they willing to give you referrals from recent clients? How long have they been in business? What do their customer reviews look like overall?
  3. Begin sorting your belongings. What can you pack now? What should wait until two weeks before the move? Are there items you can donate or discard? That will save you time and money on moving day.
  4. Gather packing materials. You will need several sizes of boxes to accommodate your items. Books should go in small containers. Light but large items, such as lampshades and kids’ toys, will be packed in large boxes. The other types of boxes you’ll need may include wardrobe boxes with a rod for clothing. Dishes, TVs and mirrors will all need special containerization. Begin collecting newspaper or unprinted newsprint to stuff into boxes in the empty spaces around your items. This helps prevent the items from shifting and possibly getting damaged during transit.
  5. Clean out your cupboards. Every little bit helps. Donate unwanted food and toss any food that is expired.
  6. Make a list of all the services you subscribe to or are billed for and find out what the process is for transferring them to your new home. For utilities, schedule them for cancellation at your old house after your move and set them up to start working prior to move-in.
  7. At the new house, paint, clean and take care of small repairs prior to moving in, if possible. It’s easier to paint an empty space than to have to move and cover furniture after you’ve moved in. Use this time to give your new home some TLC. Don’t forget to leave time to thoroughly clean your old home. You want to give the new owners something they’ll look forward to living in.
  8. Consider storage options. Oftentimes when you’re planning a move and selling your house, you need to clear out some of the furniture and clutter. You might want to move items into the new home over time, as you see how the home is used. Or you may want to store items for a short while before deciding whether you can donate or sell them. Now is a good time to look into warehouse or self-storage options.

As moving day gets closer, you’ll be glad you started tackling some of these tasks early.

Moving to Vacaville

Vacaville, incorporated in 1892, is a small town with big-city adjacency, which means living in Vacaville is the best of both worlds.

Vacaville has a population of just under 102,000, which makes it a small town compared with Sacramento (pop. 502,000) 35 miles to the northeast and San Francisco (pop. 889,000) 55 miles southwest.

Today, Vacaville is also home to some of the largest and most successful life-science companies in the world.

There are 34,561 households in Vacaville, and the average household income is $110,502, which is higher than the median household income for Northern California.

Vacaville’s history is steeped in agriculture. At one time Vacaville was the fresh fruit capital of California, shipping fruit and nut products throughout the nation. It is part of the Sacramento Valley and within minutes of the Napa and Sonoma wine countries. Here you’ll find outdoor recreation, shopping, dining, agriculture, events and “agriventure.”

The term “agriventure” combines agricultural activities and outdoor adventures. Think hiking at Lagoon Valley Park, climbing the Nut Tree boulders, biking along back roads to small
farms, making a day of visiting fruit stands. It’s the healthy, outdoorsy appeal that Vacaville is known for.

Hiring A Vacaville Moving Company

Whether you’ll be moving to Vacaville or you already live nearby and are moving across town, you’ll want to hire movers you can trust with your precious belongings.

Beware of rogue movers. Anybody can buy a moving truck, but to verify a moving company is legitimate, check for an active license and ask for proof of insurance. You also want to be wary of any company that asks for a deposit, especially if they’re asking for more than 20 percent.

Quality Moving Service is the moving company you can rely on. We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and we have helped thousands of people during that time. We have the equipment, tools, trucks and laborers to make your move run smooth.

We are known for customer service, being prompt, courteous and getting the job done right.

Call us today at (800) 380-1633 or fill out this form to request a moving quote.