Packing Services

Moving is an exciting time in a family’s life, a chance for new beginnings, new bedrooms, new energy and new memories. But with moving comes packing, which many people consider one of the hardest chores associated with moving.

For one thing, there’s the pressure of packing up your entire house under a time constraint, and sometimes the timeline isn’t exactly clear. And then there’s the worry that you will pack something wrong and it will break during the move.

At Quality Moving Service, we know the moving and packing business, and we’re here to help.

Let us take that stress off your shoulders. Quality Moving Service offers full-service packing service and unpacking in Vacaville, CA, and the surrounding area. We also sell moving and packing supplies. If you’re planning a local move, long-distance move or an international move, read on to find out how you can pack wisely or hire professional moving help.

Hiring Professional Packers in Vacaville

Packing can seem like an overwhelming task. That’s why Quality is here to help. No matter how involved (or hands-off) you’d like us to be, we will work with you to devise a custom packing plan.

For example, you may want to pack your durable household goods but leave the antiques to the professionals. You may have a special collection you want transported in the safest way possible.

Our full-service packing, crating, and unpacking services mean you don’t have to lift a finger.

Whether you need to hire movers to pack up your whole house or just a few rooms, give the packing professionals at Quality a call today. Our promise is to make sure your belongings get packed safely and make it to your new home in one piece.

Packing and Moving Tips

If you’re a D-I-Y packer and could benefit from some pro tips, read these helpful hints from Wheaton World Wide Moving on how to pack efficiently for a move and when to start packing for a move. Quality Moving Service is proud to be one of Wheaton’s top agents in California. Partnering with Wheaton means we can connect you with moving professionals around the globe.

person writing on a box
Label your moving boxes on the top and sides.
  1. When you’re packing for a move, you want to start with high quality boxes. While cheap cardboard boxes may sound like a way to cut costs, we’ve found that using used boxes that are not designed for moving may end up costing your more in the long run.
  2. Begin collecting newspaper or unprinted newsprint to stuff into boxes in the empty spaces around your items. This helps prevent the items from shifting and possibly getting damaged during transit.
  3. We suggest you designate one box in particular as your last day/first day box. This box will contain all the things you’ll need right up until you move, and the first items you’ll want when you’re settling in. These items may include:
    • Towels
    • Toiletries
    • Tissues/paper towels
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Plastic cups, plates, and utensils
    • Items for a baby or pet
    • Prescriptions and all other medication
    • First-aid kit
  4. Know your box sizes. When packing, you’ll need a variety of boxes to accommodate your household goods.
    • Dish carton: These boxes are designed for glassware and other breakable items. The cardboard is thick, to protect the contents.
    • Wardrobe box: Buy a wardrobe box with a rod to keep your hanging items organized. There’s no need to remove your clothing from the hangers.
    • Small boxes or book boxes: These containers are about 1.5 cubic feet and are ideal for packing items that are small but relatively heavy, such as books, CDs, DVDs.
    • Medium cartons: Medium moving boxes will take care of most of your moving and packing needs. You can pack pots, pans, games, folded clothing and linens in these boxes.
    • Large moving boxes: A good rule of thumb is to pack light items in large boxes. Pillows, blankets, lamp shades, toys, plastics, etc.
    • Special crates: If you’re moving expensive art, ask your mover about special crating.

Frequently Asked Questions About Packing

“Does Quality Moving Service provide complete packing and moving services?” Yes. We can pack everything in your household, load it onto our moving trucks and unpack your household goods at your next destination. You don’t have to lift a finger.

“How much does it cost to hire packers?” Packing services are charged by the hour. For a free, no obligation packing quote, call Quality Moving Service at (800) 380-1633.

“Do I need special packing materials for electronics?” If you no longer have the original box your electronics were sold in, the items can be packed in medium-sized boxes. Towels and other linens can be used to provide padding around your laptops and game consoles. Quality Moving Service can provide special crating for LED and plasma flat-screen TVs, as well as other delicate items, such as mirrors and artwork.

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Quality Moving Service offers efficient, careful and well-coordinated packing services! We’ve been serving Vacaville since 1996, and we’d be delighted to help your family take this next big step.

If you are getting ready for a move, you owe it to yourself to find out how much time and stress you can save by hiring one of California’s top packing and moving companies. Whether you have plenty of time left before moving day arrives or if your move is still months away, getting an early head start is a sure bet.

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