7 Packing Tips To Improve Your Sacramento Move

Packing can be a challenge sometimes. It’s a big task, but with these 7 tips your Sacramento move can be made easier. Prevent damage and avoid unwanted costs by using this list created by experts who have been in the moving business since 1996. Check out the list below to prepare for your move today:

1. Save Packing Space

There is always a way to pack items better. Saving space can be made easier. When you pack your items use space-saving methods Here are a few ways to save space as part of your move:

  • Rolling up your socks and packing them inside your shoes
  • Stacking rolled-up clothes on top of each other in a box. The thinner profile of the rolled-up piece of clothing means you can save space and save money.
  • Stack nonfragile boxes on top of each other.
  • Take advantage of vacuum seal bags. They offer you more space and keep all your items secure.

By reading this blog you can learn about how best to save space and save money as well. These tips also help protect your items against potential damages.


2. Fragile First

When packing makes sure to focus on your fragile items first. By doing this you can categorize your items into fragile and nonfragile. This cuts down on items getting damaged by having them casually thrown into a box and then shifting during transit. Fragile items might include:

  • Antiques
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Priceless Collectibles
  • Lamps
  • Large Intricate Pieces

Making sure fragile items are packed properly allows you to prioritize and load them first to give them the proper respect.

3. Quality and Quantity Moving Boxes

Part of the moving experience requires you to use moving boxes, but you don’t want poor quality moving boxes. By investing in the right number and quality of boxes you can cut down on any damage during your move. You can get additional boxes for less valuable items in a number of places:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Office Complexes
  • Grocery stores

Remember when checking boxes make sure they are sturdy and can handle the types of contents you are placing in them. Focus on quality not necessarily on quantity. While it is still important to have enough moving boxes, if they fail to perform and your items get damaged that’s another story.

4. Don’t Rush

You don’t need to rush the moving process so you are prepared for moving day. You don’t want to rush around and risk dropping a box filled with fragile items or nick a priceless piece of furniture. Rushing can lead to incidents like:

  • Injuries
  • Damage to property
  • Loss of items
  • Delays to Plan

Taking your time on your move also lets you remember to pack each item and not forget anything, or worry about if anything is or isn’t packed.

5. How To Pack Electronics For A Move

When moving any electronics there are a few things that need to be done before the items can be moved. Following these simple steps can help move your electronics with ease:

  • Remove any wires, cords or accessories from the device before packing it.
  • When packing a TV make sure it is well padded and safe from damage.
  • Properly label the box “glass” and “this way up” to keep the item in an upright and safer position.
  • Use foam inserts that come with most electronics as a secure packing method, and attach your carton with tape

Use these tips to help secure your TVs and electronics and you will be moving with ease.

6. How to Pack Clothes For A Move

When packing clothes for a move there are a few options that can work best for you. Follow these tips to start to pack your clothes with ease today:

  • Decide what is worth keeping and what is worth getting rid of to save space.
  • Sort clothes into different piles for more efficient packing.
  • Decide on the best box for your move. A cardboard box is great for folded clothes and a wardrobe box is great for clothes on hangers. These are two of many options. So as you can see the options vary for different move types.
  • Don’t overstuff boxes this can cause them to wear and fail.

Follow this list of clothes packing tips to begin your moving experience the right way and help you get started on your move today.

7. Packing Plates and Glasses For a Move

Packing your delicate glassware, dishware and cups can be a task that requires a lot of planning. Here is are a few things to remember when moving dishware, glassware and cups:


  • Make sure your box is heavily padded with bubble wrap
  • Wrap any glasses individually
  • Place any identical glasses together
  • Cushion the top


  • Line the box with crumpled up moving paper
  • Wrap in groups of 4
  • Big plates can be wrapped individually
  • Do not make the box too heavy; if it is difficult to lift and carry, it is more prone to being dropped or mishandled.

Keeping plates and glasses safe is a big priority for, anyone, about to move. That’s why it’s best to make sure your items are secure and protected from any kind of shifting in transport.

Final Thoughts

Packing doesn’t have to be a complicated or strenuous process. When you follow these tips, you can cut down on any issues during your move. As a result, your Sacramento move should be filled with excitement, no worries or fears.

By following this blog, you are bound to have peace of mind throughout the entire moving process with helpful tips from our moving thousands of households.