Two Men and A Truck Alternatives in Sacramento

Whether you have recently moved or are planning to move, chances are you’ve seen Two Men and a Truck moving vans in your neighborhood. It is also likely that their name has come up in a Google search result for “movers near me.” With more than 2,800 trucks 380 locations in 4 countries, the Two Men and a Truck franchise has established itself as a well-known name in the moving industry.

If you stop and think about it, fleet size and the number of locations shouldn’t factor highly into your decision to choose a company to move your family and your life’s possessions. After all, you won’t be dealing with the company’s entire network when you move. There are local, independently owned movers in the Sacramento market that you should consider.

Three Sacramento Alternatives to Two Men And A Truck

A highly recognized franchise name in the moving industry has its appeal, but there are several independently owned local moving company alternatives in the Sacramento market that might be better suited to your moving needs. To help you, we’ve listed three moving companies that have a history of serving the Sacramento market.

Quality Moving Service, 1111 Gibson Rd, Woodland, CA 95695, (800) 380-1633. Incorporated in 2002 and family-owned and operated, Quality Moving Service is proud to be part of the Wheaton Worldwide Moving network of more than 400 agents across the country.

Yolo Transfer Moving & Storage, 1680 Tide Court, Woodland, CA 95776, (530) 668-1007. This firm started operations in 1973 and has grown to serve customers nationwide as an agent of Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, with hundreds of agents nationally.

Mother Lode Van & Storage, 333 University Avenue, Ste 200, Sacramento, CA, 95825, (916) 461-8404. In business since 1956, Mother Lode Van & Storage remains family-owned and operated, and they are proud to represent North American Van Lines.

Like the City of Sacramento itself, these moving companies have grown while maintaining their local heritage. Let’s consider more reasons for considering an alternative to Two Men and a Truck for your next move.

Independently Owned And Operated

When it comes to moving companies, the business model is a big factor. While not always the case, locally owned and operated movers have a family name and a reputation to safeguard. They know the local people, and the locals know them.

In short, local movers have more at stake when they earn your trust. In contrast, franchise movers like Two Men and a Truck rely on a corporate name and reputation whose employees, while well-trained, may not have the same level of personal investment as a local moving company.

Dedicated To Professional Customer Service

As mentioned earlier, independently owned businesses have a lot riding on their reputation. They have no “corporate backstop” to rely on when something goes wrong. This factor is perhaps no more important than in the moving industry.

Independently-owned businesses are everything from the front office to the day-to-day operations. Franchise operators like Two Men and a Truck have a corporate office to handle customer complaints.

Years of Moving & Storage Experience In The Sacramento Area

Two Men and a Truck started was started by two brothers in the Lansing, Michigan area in 1985. That sounds impressive, and the franchise’s continued growth is a testament to the owners’ management strategy. If you take a bit more time to investigate, however, you will learn that Two Men and a Truck opened its franchise in Sacramento in 2005.

Considering the local presence with just the three local movers listed above, it’s easy to see that they bring decades of family service to your move.

When it comes to moving your most precious and irreplaceable possessions, the decades of care you will experience by hiring an independently owned family moving company can make all the difference between complete satisfaction and cherished memories lost forever.

How to Move With A Two Men And A Truck Alternative

What is the next step as you plan for your move? Maybe you’ve already researched and found some independently owned Sacramento movers. Once you have a shortlist of potential movers in hand, go ahead request your quotes. We suggest you get three quotes so that you can feel confident in the price you get.

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